DorsiFlex Trainer DFLEX™


The D-Flex is a superior training tool designed to help athletes kinesthetically feel the proper Dorsi Flexed foot position. Most athletes have difficulty in exercising the correct recovery and recruitment of the neuromuscular mechanisms for cycling the foot over the knee in a biomechanically correct manner. The DFLEX quickly and comfortably solves this problem by allowing the athlete to run naturally with a full range of motion, while applying Plantar Flexion force back into the ground. This action is much like a hammer on a gun; the gun fires faster if the hammer is already cocked back. In that same respect, a foot can fire up faster if it is already Dorsi-Flexed. The D-Flex is a great tool to train these mechanics in virtually any training scenario.

D-Flex comes complete with:
-Pair of hand-sewn, padded cuffs with adjustable buckles
-Adjustable straps to ensure proper Dorsi Flexion

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  • Model: DF-000
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: SpeedWorx Sports

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